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18 May 2007 @ 08:29 am
all the way thru my master's everything. degree to be conferred in august. what sucks is that i'm still considered a level I teacher for two more years, so i only get a raise of about $800. bathetic.

next year will be all about sending out resumes. i lub my kidz here, but the admin. is too much not what i'm about. dave and i have talked about moving outside of the u.s. i might try to get a teaching english gig somewhere in south america; no idea where. chile or argentina would be amazing.

i'm still waiting on american university to let me know if they will fly me from MN to DC and back again before i can make a definitive itinerary for summer travel. i'd like to make it back to MN the first week in june, so i can park my car in shannon's husband's beeg shop on the farm and shannon has volunteered to zephee sit, as well. i'd rather not leave my vehicle here unattended and i wouldn't want dave to feel saddled w/ caring for zephee if he needs to go back to texas, etc... i wish he could come to d.c. with me. i'm still hoping he'll want to fly in and visit at some point... though he really isn't a big city boy...he's a cowboy at heart and loves those wide open spaces.

i'm really excited about having access to a gym for three weeks. i can't remember the last time i exercised--it's pathetic. that will be one of the major criteria for the next place that i live.

i want to pick up the new rufus wainwright. saw him on letterman sporting lederhosen last night.

i'm also taking dave to see brother ali in flagstaff tomorrow night. i got a hotel within walking distance so we can get a little bit of drink on. love the ali. i've been slowly exposing him, so i think it'll be an all around fun experience. i love flagstaff.
Krissjkrissw on May 18th, 2007 03:59 pm (UTC)
Flagstaff is a fun place. I have a friend there I haven't seen for a couple of years, and ought to get out that way again.