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22 January 2007 @ 06:15 pm
it's been almost a month, perhaps a new record for me? ah, well. i've been busy living, so i guess it's okay.

things are good, for the most part. uncertainty about next year continues to swirl around in my mind. dave is thinking left coast. i have one year left in the district if i want my retirement matched and my perkins loan entirely cancelled. i don't know if i could go back to doing this alone. i don't know what kind of balance is hanging in the balance.

my poor friend thomas is going crazy from isolation out here. i think he and i are going to have to ditch dave and hit up a drag show and some dancing this weekend.

line up for coachella looks freaking stellar. it's a must this year. within driving distance and all...

i'm taking my last course for my masters this semester. rock on.

i miss every one. i'm a little homesick for MN right now.
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