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11 December 2006 @ 09:59 am
the b-day came and went w/out fanfare. i do not feel different. i can't feel the meaning behind days much anymore. i had a hard time feeling thanksgiving. i've got some big ideas for christmas, though.

well, there's two plans. the thought just occurred to me that i could drive back to mn w/ the boy. it would be much cheaper if we split everything. the cold here gets to him, though. i'd have to invest in some underarmor or some such thing so he could survive. he's real skinny.

but, i'd only want to stay for a week; he might be a little traumatized after two weeks...

i should stress that this is pure fantasy right now.

i also thought we should go to mexico, maybe that second week. he's been there a lot since he grew up on the border...

i found him two x-mas presents. i still need to get him some fingerless gloves and a plant to put in the traditionally woven suspended plant holder that i purchased from the wife of our custodian, george. i also got dave a copy of round ireland with a fridge since he's into the irish thing and also a copy of dr. strangelove that he mentioned once that he really wanted. i want to make him a cool-ass iron on t-shirt, but i can't find the perfect design.

he likes dragons... i found a pretty decent design here:


he was rocking a sleeveless british flag tshirt all weekned... he dresses like a rock star no matter what. it's kinda fun to have a lanky ken doll who dresses all punk rock. we need to go shopping together one of these times.

he has a job interview in Abq. today which could potentially cause him to relocate elsewhere in the state. don't know what this means. i know he's not very fond of the small town where we live. i think i am basically the main thing keeping him here (along w/ free rent.) he doesn't seem to be leaning toward taking this new job, but they are buying him dinner, etc. maybe he can use it to bargain w/ the district?

we giggled through episodes of the three stooges last night as the snow was sprinkling down...

we made a few little drives around the area all weekend. we drove down this abandoned highway and we could've gotten in big trouble. chaos does kinda follow my boy, but i think i sort of tend to neutralize it. the whole milky sugar thing...

angie met a guy two inches taller than dave last week and has used the words 'soul mate' so i guess that's cool. she made a sicilian dinner in honor of my b-day on saturday night. it was fine. we didn't stay too long. we watched head.

o crap. bell ringing. kids rushing in. send me ideas for cool tshirts.
burning leavesburningleaves on December 13th, 2006 02:48 pm (UTC)
check out http://store.cottonfactory.com/

three of my favorites are right there on the front page - namely "tape scavenger", "thumbs up", and "of course i have two left feet." they're not as rockstar as dragons, but i think you'll like them.
pandora sugarlandmystic_toxicity on December 13th, 2006 09:20 pm (UTC)
those are some awesome tshirts. i like the slow jam one a lot and the bobby dylan and the boom box and the headphones.

also, the dragon shirt will probably not arrive in time for x-mas, so i'll have to wait a bit on that one.

i need to save my pennies for mexico anyway...