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pandora sugarland
27 November 2006 @ 01:53 pm
my babyboy was supposed to be home on saturday, but ended up getting waylayed w/ the fam damily. sounds like he's been able to feast and watch cable and get on el internet, which is what chillin' w/ the rents is all about. at one point on the phone last night, his mother said she would get on the phone while he went for a walk, so apparently they are curious about me. actually, he told me that his sister did blab, but i think he's a little apprehensive about me meeting the fam so soon since he thinks they're sorta crazy...

he mentioned that he went to the flea market up there and bought me some fondue forks... i don't know what i'd do with those. unless there is a fondue pot on the way for my b-day??? kooky. i sort of hope he doesn't feel obligated to get me anything, but he does kinda like to spoil me a bit. i have issues with feeling deserving of such attention...

he did buy me this cool metal wall sculpture in the shape of a peacock last weekend at a yard sale. very charming. he was right--it looks pretty badass in my living room.

our relationship so far has been grounded in watching movies. he acquired a whole bunch of new ones and i always have netflix. really there is not much else to do out here. our tastes are just similar enough to keep it interesting... he's seen a lot of movies that i haven't seen and viceversa.

i miss him. i have class tonight, but i think i'll stop by afterwards...

i need to make a serious decision regarding my friend a... how can i be friends with someone i don't want my boy around? she has been uber manipulative lately and talked about me ordering him a 'jolly green giant' tshirt... her nickname for him. why-the-f would i do that? plus last night she was grilling me for all kinds of information about him. she's putting on pressure to hang out with dave and me because she claims to have no other friends. manipulative as hell.

i so hate feeling conflicted about this. it tarnishes my mojo. maybe i should suggest a break?

she already wanted to make plans for next weekend, but we're going to Chaco Canyon and i also want to hit up the Balloon Glow at Red Rock sometime this weekend as well... i also really want to go to this ranch out in cibola and ride horses. i've never done it and dave grew up around horses. they have really nice cabins which are relatively affordable, not much more than a hotel room. i've wanted to go out there for my b-day every year i've been out here. the time might just be ripe for this big 2-8.
pandora sugarland
21 November 2006 @ 08:56 am
so i called him up last night and ended up going over there to watch pi and SNL best of Adam Sandler... we kinda opted to skip past the ill-fated departure of the other night. it was slightly awkward at first, but then we both warmed up alright.

he kind of spoils me and i'm pretty sure i was the happiest girl in thoreau last night.

he's going up to las vegas, nm to see his family on thnksgving, but we are planning to rendezvous in abq. on friday.

it's gonna be alright.

also, the $ from selling my prep has kicked in, so i was able to pay off a nagging debt. it's a great feeling.

i wonder if i could convince dave to come back to mn with me 4 christmas........? : ) actually just the thought of it is nice. he would fit right in as far as how he looks, but the cold will get to him. he also grew up where there was no water, so that would be shocking.... also i really want to see lindz and her little buddha belly.

any suggstions for good wedding songs? i'm on the look out! they've set the date for oct. 6th back in monte.

cds to get this wknd:
silversun pick ups
tv on the radio
Current Music: dresden dolls--me & the minibar
pandora sugarland
20 November 2006 @ 12:27 pm
i was afraid to read it today, but still pretty much right on the money.

You appear to others around you as a person who is simply 'laid back'. From time to time you shelve your ambitions and forgo the desire for prestige and recognition and you are often considered as mentally lazy. You have the ability and you are the first to know this, but you prefer to take things easy and indulge your longing for comfort and security.

In the past there have been - and maybe there still are - many things that you have had to do without. You have now decided to set your sights on a position or situation that could give you greater prestige and which will afford you considerable self esteem.

Compromise is the name of the game at this time and it is the only way you can avoid being deprived of the love and affection you so rightly deserve -so soften up a little, be flexible.

All of your stress arises from lack of mutual understanding. The existing situation is unsatisfactory and you feel that you are unable to improve it without the help and co-operation of others. The need for understanding and for affectionate 'give and take' remains unsatisfied. You are experiencing the feeling of being 'handcuffed' - 'tied down' - 'hindered' - 'restrained' and this untenable situation is giving rise to impatience, irritability and the desire to escape from it all.

You really would like to be completely uninhibited - to let your hair down - but you are held back by your sense of logic and rationalilty, since you realise that by simple stupidity you could lose everything - whatever that may be.
pandora sugarland
17 November 2006 @ 03:01 pm
last night dave and i watched a totally messed up movie starring edward norton. it was called down in the valley. seriously don't rent it. emotionally assaulting.

dave rescued a guy from arizona who got beat up by a bunch of kids yesterday afternoon. drove him home and gave him 5 bucks. he's always somehow helping random people. he's good like that. the guy's name was elvis. it was strange because before he told me the story i had chosen the movie bubba ho-tep for our viewing pleasure last night. also, one of my students is obsessed w/ elvis and has all kinds of memorabilia. she had just printed a new picture of him and asked me, "do you want to see something beautiful?" then showed me that picture. the elvis connection was alive last night.

i also found out his b-day is august 10th. lovable leo.

he made really nummy steaks and broccoli last night. and he had purchased a strawberry cream pie, too... i brought the arrogant bastard and my loaf of jemez bread.

these all-nighters on school nights are bad, badder and baddest. but then again not so bad at all.

still no plans made for thanksgiving except that dave says he's going to go out and hunt down a wild turkey and kill it with some primitive tool and then clean it and cook it. funny. i purchased foodstuffs to make lasagna and my aunt edie's famous punkin' pie and my mom's white rabbit pecan pie. don't know where i'll be able to serve them, tho.

i think i'm going to make room for some serious alone time tonight... hot bath and read the book dave gave me... cuddle with kitty and do some laundry, too.

i'm running into problems with trying to keep my dave world seperate from the angie world... they keep threatening to run together and i'm not ready to negotiate those waters quite yet. eeking through
thanksgiving is seriously going to be problematic i think. i have three different invitations to work around. craptastic.
pandora sugarland
07 November 2006 @ 09:39 am
I couldn’t have planned it any better if I were dreaming.

I decided to go for a walk last night to clear my head after two nights of unsuccessful sleep. I usually try to go as close to twilight as possible in order to avoid running into a million people on the two mile trail behind my house that leads up to Castle Rock and the satellite dishes. I have to walk by Dave’s house to get to the trail, but I really wasn’t expecting to see him. I reached the end of the row of houses and he floated into my line of vision out of nowhere. Dropped from the dusky clouds and asked me what I’m up to. He asks if he can come along with me on my walk. A woman stopped him to ask about her lease and I waited a little further down the trail for him.

So we’re walking and talking and then some obnoxious people drive by in a black probe with tinted windows and yell something out at us. He can’t deal with that disrespect and flicks them off. A little while later we saw them turn around and pull up into the next gravel road that crosses the trail. When we got up to the road they had pulled a couple hundred feet back and were revving their engine like they were going to run us down. We just kept walking, but when we turned around to come back we noticed that the car was still there. All they did was roll down the windows a little bit and blast some crappy metal music to maybe try and scare us. Dave was saying that he wanted to go up and knock on the window. He’s a badassmofo. He practices some kind of Chinese martial arts that I don’t know how to spell yet. He big. He was a bouncer in Santa Fe for a couple of years so he’s seen a lot. He’s also met a lot of famous people, too.

When we arrived back near his house, I told him that I had to go to class and he mentioned he had rented a scary movie. He said that he stays up late, so I should come over after class… I was pretty surprised and rather elated. It certainly made my class go by more slowly, but at least I had something to look forward to. I was too excited to eat before I left, so I just munched about 15 baby carrots during class.

It was slightly ironic because I was talking to a friend on the phone earlier and she was saying that he would totally have dinner ready when I got there and I laughed and thought that would be too perfect…

But when I called him a little before nine to ask if he was still up for company, he asked if I was hungry. He made some fettucine with this really good mushroom and garlic sauce. He had purchased these giant beer steins, too, and we had some beers. I couldn’t believe how perfect it was. This boy’s officially got game.

So we watched a terrible horror flick and made fun of it the whole time. Then he put on some Type 0 Negative, cuz I had mentioned previously that I had seen them live. Major points that he remembers little things like that.

He’s quite well read, he reads a lot. He knows a lot about movies, too. He had a pet baby deer for a couple of years that his brother saved from the jaws of a mountain lion.

We just keep blabbing and blabbing and there is a subtext of more than words, but the words are fine for now. I already feel like I can tell him anything. I have told him things that I normally wouldn’t divulge so quickly. He’s sensitive AND he’s a badass. It seems to me that he’s one of the few remaining gentlemen … south Texas style.

His crinkly eyes kill me. His face is very changeable, though… It’s really bizarre how much it changes. But I like it.

Maybe we will go somewhere this weekend. I would like that.

We also watched Boondock Saints last night which is one of his favorite movies. Dafoe is the best in that role. It’s a wild movie, but I need to watch it again to pay more attention. We stayed up until 3 and then I had to go home. He said I could stay, but I opted to walk home in the middle of the night rather than scurry home in the morning past my principal’s house, etc.

This could get a bit tricky but I don’t care. I want to see him all the time.

I’m functioning on less than 3 hours sleep today but of course it was worth it…. Ginger Green tea is doing me proud this morning.

He’s an absolute peach. Like I said, better than anything I could’ve dreamt.
pandora sugarland
06 November 2006 @ 11:24 am
from http://www.paulgoldin.com/colorgenics.htm

Try it for yourself and see if it isn't freakishly ubertrue...

You are a very emotional and sensitive individual. Your life and love of life is dominated by your emotions - you have great feeling towards your fellow man and you are always full of enthusiasm but be careful, you tend to let your heart rule your head and this being so, you could be easily hurt - as perhaps you may have indeed been hurt in the past.

You need an atmosphere of peace and quiet and you would like to share a bond of understanding with the 'right person' - you have the belief that with the right person, your stress and anxiety could be minimised.

Compromise is the name of the game at this time and it is the only way you can avoid being deprived of the love and affection you so rightly deserve -so soften up a little, be flexible.

You are experiencing more than your fair share of stress following an acute disappointment. This may be the result of subconscious conflict between hope and necessity. The tension that you are experiencing following your unfulfilled hopes have given rise to anxious uncertainty. You have no doubt that things could get better in the future and so you refuse to make the necessary essential decisions. This conflict between hope and necessity is creating considerable pressure. Instead of resolving this by facing up to making the essential decisions, you are likely to vacillate and concern yourself with trivialities of little consequence.

Disappointment and the fear that there is no point in formulating fresh goals have led to anxiety and you are distressed by the lack of any close and understanding relationships. You feel you are not appreciated by those who matter to you. You are attempting to escape into a world on which you can relax and feel at ease.
pandora sugarland
03 November 2006 @ 11:04 am
What American accent do you have?
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"North Central" is what professional linguists call the Minnesota accent. If you saw "Fargo" you probably didn't think the characters sounded very out of the ordinary. Outsiders probably mistake you for a Canadian a lot.

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The South
What American accent do you have?
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pandora sugarland
03 November 2006 @ 10:59 am
There have been some crazy goings on here--things I haven't seen in the past three years. I found out yesterday that one of my former students (who stopped coming after about a week) got shot last week. He's in ABQ right now, but will probably not make it. It's totally messed up. There have been a ton of fights this year, too. Normally good kids just wreaking all kinds of havoc on one another. I've never heard so much cussing in the hallways... Not that the two are directly related, but there just seems to be an overiding lack of respect for selves, peers and elders. It might be time for me to make an exit, although these problems are going to crop up wherever I go...
pandora sugarland
03 November 2006 @ 10:08 am

(Diet Dr. Pepper in case you didn't know.)

I love a little Dr. Pop to treat a case of cheap beer blues.....
pandora sugarland
01 November 2006 @ 12:20 pm
so i just went home for lunch and i was sitting eating my (un)healthy choice frozen lunch w/ my kitty when i hear a knock at my door... i figured it would be thomas stopping to check in on his way back from lunch. but no, it was my cherub-faced handyman w/ a book for me! he said it was to get me back for the beck and deadsy cds i burned for him... i assumed it was just to borrow, but perhaps not. he's too freaking cute. i've been thinking about him a lot, but didn't know if he was thinkin' of me... but apprarenlty he is.

i so wanted to hang out w/ him last night, but i tagged along w/ thomas instead. i brought him to the restaurant where his potential boy toy was spotted and then he drug me to wal-mart to pick up supplies for dia de los muertos... then the kids were throwing a haunted house across the street from my house, so we were the last to get a tour through there. they did a pretty good job.

i was so exhausted because i didn't sleep on monday.

now i know why because i have that feeling again... we didn't make specific plans, but i told him to call me and he told me to stop by whenever, so...

this is fun. i'm too giddy to teach, though.... but i must.